Stand with Syria Japan (English)

An Organization Standing with Syria from Japan.

About Us


Fadi 5
©Fadi Al-halabi : Photographer from Syria

We are a Japanese organization standing with the people of Syria in solidarity.

The organization focuses on a series of “Syria Crisis” which have been continuing since 2011. We mainly organize symposiums, events and film screenings to deepen understanding of the crisis and to raise awareness of the Japanese public.
We support Syrian civilian and those who are dedicating their lives to save lives.

Our core policy is to focus not only on the state of the conflict or the type of the regime but also to shed light on the lives facing the horrifying threat of the crisis.

From the point of view of Humanism, we take a position to oppose the Government of Syria: Bashar Al-Assad regime and its allies.

Strictly non-profit, apolitical, non-religious organization, led purely by the Sense of Humanity.

* An official member of J-FUN (Japan Forum for UNHCR and NGOs)

We deeply appreciate your support.
Established on 1st of April 2017 as an independent organization.