Stand with Syria Japan (English)

An Organization Standing with Syria from Japan.

Board Members

Executive Committee  (April 2017- April 2019)
・Representative (Founder): Icchiku Yamada (M.A. Student in Human Security Studies at the University of Tokyo)
・Director: Hironori Tahara (Undergraduate Student at Rikkyo University)
・Director: Shuichi Yamazawa (M.A. Student in International Studies at the University of Tokyo)
・Director: Hiroaki Matsushita (M.A. Student in International Relations at the University of Tokyo)
・Accountant: Saori Yamada
・Publicist: Chiharu Sasaki (M.Sc. Student in International Development at the University of Bristol)
・Special Adviser | Special Member:  Ai Kihara-Hunt  −  Associate Professor at the Graduate Program on Human Security and Deputy Director of the Research Center for Sustainable Peace, at the University of Tokyo, Deputy Director of Academic Council of the United Nations System (ACUNS) Tokyo Liaison OfficeSecretary-General of the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan (GPAJ).


・Shoichiro Katsuta (Undergraduate Student at Meiji University)
・Chiharu Sasaki
・Seika Sumi
・Hironori Tahara
・Kae Haruta
・Sae Fukuda
・Hiroaki Matsushita
・Shuichi Yamazawa
・Icchiku Yamada
・Saori Yamada
・Ai Kihara-Hunt
Nathalie Zamaria (M.A. Student in Human Rights at University of Vienna)
・Yasser Jamal Al Deen (Undergraduate Student at Meiji University)