Stand with Syria Japan (English)

An Organization Standing with Syria from Japan.

Individual Supporters​

List of Individual Supporters of  SSJ who agreed on our principles and to support our mission.  *Honorifics omitted.

  • Eiji NAGASAWA (Professor of the University of Tokyo: Middle East Studies, Socio-economic History of Modern Egypt)
  • Hidemitsu KUROKI (Professor of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies: Middle East Studies, Modern Eastern Arab History) 
  • Kaoru YAMAMOTO (Arabic Literary) 
  • Mari OKA (Professor of Kyoto University: Modern Arabic Literature)
  • Masako ISHII (Professor of Rikyyo University: Conflict Studies, Philippines Studies)
  • Masako YONEKAWA (Former UNHCR Staff | Special Topic Researcher of Rikyyo University: International Relations)
  • Motoko YAMAGISHI (Secretary General of Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan -SMJ)
  • Naoko HASHIMOTO (Research Affiliate of Refugee Law Initiative, University of London)
  • Saul TAKAHASHI (Former Deputy Head of Office at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in occupied Palestine | Regional Representative for Japan, Korea, and the Pacific, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre)
    SHIN HaeBong (Professor of Aoyama Gakuin Univerisity: International Human Rights Law)
  • Sukehiro HASEGAWA (Former Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN for Timor-Leste | President of the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan (GPAJ), Chief of Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) Liaison Officer in Tokyo, Director for Academic Exchange and Cooperation of the UN Association of Japan, Director for Earth Charter Asia Pacific & Japan Committee)
  • Taro TSURUMI (Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo: Historical Sociology)
  • Takanori HAYAO (Associate Professor of Tokyo Keizai University: History of Social Thought)
  • Takeshi SAKURAGI (Journalist, Author of “Syria: Voices from the War Zone ; Syria Senjyo karano Koe“)
  • Tetsuya OHTOSHI (Researcher of Social History of the Middle East)
  • Yayoi YAMAZAKI (Archaeologist | Founder of Ibra wa Khayt)
  • Yuji ISHIDA (Modern German History, Genocide Studies)
  • Yuko SHIRAKAWA (International Humanitarian Nurse, Author of “The Nurse of War Zones ; Funso-chi no Kangoshi“)

With our deep appreciation for your kind support.